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Western Sahara

In 1975 an international court of Justice granted Western Sahara, previously a Spanish Overseas Province, self-determination. Unfortunately, King Hassan of Morocco sent 350,000 people to take control of the territory. Initially partitioned by Morocco and Mauritania, it came fully under Moroccan control in 1979. Morocco has yet to comply with UN demands for the territory's complete release.

Western Sahara - a Country Profile from the BBC
An extremely brief historical overview accompanies this BBC Country Profile of Western Sahara. Of particular interest are the simplified regional map (see where the country is in Africa), a photograph of Western Sahara’s current Chief of State, and details about the countries media.

CIA World Fact Book: Western Sahara
A useful map and a range of geographical, political, and economic facts which are mostly up-to-date. Unfortunately this country profile lacks historical information (except for independence date), but the population statistics are probably the best available.

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