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Slavery Images

A collection of links to various illustrations of slaves and slavery, including slave ships.

Images of African Slavery and the Slave Trade
A Gallery of Images of African Slavery and the Slave Trade

Inside a Slave Ship
A woodcut from A History of the Amistad Captives, 1840, showing the interior of a slave ship.

Plan of a Slave Ship
A detailed drawing of the slave ship Brookes, showing how 482 people were to be packed onto the decks.

Slave Caravan
An illustration showing slaves captured by Arabs being forced to walk to Mombasa, a port in East Africa.

Abandoned Slaves
A woodcut showing slaves left to die because they were too weak to make the journey to the coast.

Yoked Slaves
A colour painting showing slaves yoked together at the neck, being driven by black slave traders.

Muzzled Slave
A drawing of a slave wearing a muzzle, fitted to slaves accused of insurbordination or eating more than their allotment of food.

Slaves on Deck
An illustration from 1860 showing how slaves were transported on the upper deck of the ship Wildfire.

Slaves Thrown Overboard
132 slaves were thrown overboard from the ship Zong after disease broke out. Slaves lost through drowning were covered by insurance. Includes an illustration.

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