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Africa is a turbulent continent with many wars in its history, from ancient conflicts, to wars of independence, to civil wars today.
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Kings African Rifles (KAR)
History of the King's African Rifles, a British Regiment which recruited soldiers from East Africa and saw action in both World Wars.

The Bambatha Rebellion
The Bambatha Rebellion was the last Black armed resistance to colonial domination in South Africa.

The Tripartite Invasion, 1956
The Tripartite Invasion, or 1956 War, was perhaps the single most important event in the history of African independence. The fallout from this unsuccessful attempt by Britain, France, and Israel to maintain an influence over the Suez Canal created a climate in Africa which both encouraged and escalated the struggle for independence.

Book Review -- Wars of Imperial Conquest in Africa
Vandervort's book on Wars of Imperial Conquest 1830-1914 is an excellent review of the subject with a few important insights. A recommended read for all African and military historians. See the full review...

Tripolitan War of 1801-05
When the United States of America gained independence from Great Britain there was an unexpected problem - piracy. Corsairs from the Barbary States began to attack American shipping in the Mediterranean. Part 1 of the story of the Tripolitan War.

Wars of the Barbary Pirates
The Wars of the Barbary pirates were not just about the US trying to save its shipping from corsairs and slavery. Find out more on how America and Europe brought the Barbary Wars to and end.

Tripolitan War of 1801-05
Tripolitan War Part 2 -- Attack on Derna

Treaty of Tripoli, 1797
Text of the Treaty of Tripoli, 3 January 1797

Tripolitan War of 1801-05
Tripolitan War Part 3 -- Bringing the War to a Close

The Life of Yusuf Karamanli
Yusuf Karamanli (also known as Yusuf ibn Ali Karamanli) was the Pasha of Tripoli from 1795 to 1832, particularly during the time of the Barbary Pirate Wars with the USA, and the US attacks on Tripoli and Derna. Part 1 -- Becoming Pasha of Tripoli

The Life of Yusuf Karamanli
Yusuf Karamanli Pasha, ruler of Tripoli was in command of a fleet of corsairs which were the scourge of the Mediterranean. But one country was preparing to stand against him -- the USA. Part 2 -- War with the USA.

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