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This Day in African History: 28 February

A chronicle of events in African history on this day


1900, 28 February
General Sir Redvers Henry Buller's troops relieve British forces at Ladysmith – they have been under siege by the Boers since 2 November 1899.

1922, 28 February
Egypt is declared a sovereign state by Britain.

1936, 28 February
Italian forces take Mt. Alaji in Abyssinia, avenging the massacre of 1895.

1959, 28 February
United Arab Republic and Britain agree on a settlement following the Suez crisis.

1974, 28 February
In a futile attempt to appease widespread strikes and army mutinies, Haile Selassie appoints a new premier in Ethiopia.

1995, 28 February
UN peacekeeping forces, mainly Bangladeshis and Pakistanis, are withdraw from Somalia ending international involvement in the country.

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This Day in African History
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