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Colonization and Independence of Egypt


Official name: Republic of Egypt
Where in Africa is Egypt?
Image: © Alistair Boddy-Evans. Used with Permission.

Independence from Britain: 28 February 1922

With the arrival of Alexander the Great, Egypt began an extend period of foreign domination: Ptolemeic Greeks (330-32 BCE), Romans (32 BCE-395 CE), Byzantines (395-640), Arabs (642-1251), Mamelukes (1260-1571), Ottoman Turks (1517-1798), French (1789-1801). There followed a brief interlude until the British arrived (1882-1922). Partial independence was achieved in 1922, but the British still maintained significant control over the country.

Full independence was achieved in 1936. In 1952 Lieutenant-Colonel Nasser seized power. A year later General Neguib was proclaimed president of the Republic of Egypt, only to be deposed by Nasser in 5194.

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