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Country History: Chad

Chad, formally known as Tchad, was the first of the four territories which had formed French Equatorial Africa, to achieve independence (11 August 1960). Find out more about the history of Chad with these resources…
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African History Resources: Chad
A collection of useful maps and other history resources for Chad.

Chad History 101
Once the site of the Muslim kingdoms of Kanem-Bornu, Baguirmi, and Ouaddai, the region became part of French Equatorial Africa in 1910, and an overseas territory of the French Republic in 1946. Independence was achieved on 11 August 1960. Since independence, Chad has been plagued by unrest and civil war. There have been several coup d'état (and several more unsuccessful attempts).

A Very Short History of Chad
A potted history of Chad.

Leaders of Chad Since Independence
A list of the Chadian leaders since gaining independence on 11 August 1960.

N'Garta François Tombalbaye
A biography of N'Garta François Tombalbaye, first president of Chad.

Chad Acronyms
A list of acronyms common to the history of Chad.

Who are the Toubou?

Lake Chad Basin Convention
What is the Lake Chad Basin Convention?

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