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Apartheid is an Afrikaans word that means 'separation', and is the name given to the particular racial-social ideology developed in South Africa during the twentieth century. Apartheid was all about racial segregation, and about political and economic discrimination which separated Black (or Bantu), Coloured, Indian, and White South Africans.
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  3. Sharpeville Massacre
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Apartheid Essentials

There are a number of Frequently Asked Questions about the history of Apartheid in South Africa - find out the answers here.

Key Apartheid Events

Much occurred during the history of the Apartheid era in South Africa, but a few events have special significance. Find out about those events which were turning points in the development and fall of Apartheid.

Sharpeville Massacre

The Sharpeville Massacre of 21 March 1960 signaled the start of armed resistance in South Africa, and prompted worldwide condemnation of South Africa's Apartheid policies.

Apartheid Era Leaders

South Africa's Apartheid Era produced many notable figures -- from the heroes of the anti-Apartheid struggle to the politicians of the National Party. This selection of biographies documents the lives of those on the front line, from Mandela and Biko to Malan and Botha.

Apartheid Laws

What makes South Africa's apartheid era different to segregation and racial hatred that have occurred in other countries is the systematic way in which the National Party, which came into power in 1948, formalized it through the law.

Apartheid Documents

A selection of significant Apartheid era documents.

Apartheid Terms

A glossary of terms and expressions relevant to the history of Apartheid.

Apartheid Images

White Area -- 1976  © Hulton Archive / Getty Images

A selection of images from Apartheid Era South Africa, collected in themed galleries.

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