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The Afrikaans word meaning ‘separation’, Apartheid was the racial, social policy introduced by the National Party government of South Africa in 1948.
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Apartheid 101
From the Afrikaans word meaning 'separation' apartheid was a social philosophy which enforced racial, social, and economic segregation on the people of South Africa.

Apartheid Legislation in South Africa
What makes South Africa's apartheid era different to segregation and racial hatred that have occurred in other countries is the systematic way in which the National Party, which came into power in 1948, formalised it through the law.

South Africa's National Holidays
The significance of South Africa's national holidays.

Cape Town's Infamous Robben Island
A short history of island that housed the most notorious prison of the South African apartheid regime.

The Afrikaans Medium Decree
The decree that Afrikaans had to be used as a language of instruction in schools contributed to the 16 June 1976 Soweto uprising in South Africa.

Apartheid Signs Image Gallery
A gallery of images of Apartheid Era Signs from the mid 1950s to late 1970s.

Pact Government
Find out more about South Africa's Pact government which brought together Hertzog's National Party and Cresswell's Labour PArty

Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd
National Party Prime Minister of South Africa from 1958 until his assassination on 6 September 1966, Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd was the chief architect of 'Grand Apartheid', which called for the separation of races in South Africa.

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