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African History Resources

Miscellaneous resources on African history – biographies, book and product reviews, and an African history glossary.
  1. Linguistic-Evidence (16)
  2. African History FAQ (2)
  3. Religion, Myths, Witchcraft (10)
  4. African Proverbs (4)
  5. Archaeology (3)
  6. Science and Medicine (4)
  7. Political History (11)
  8. African Arts (27)
  9. Bookcase (61)
  10. Blogs on Africa (6)
  11. Share Your Thoughts (6)

African History Glossary
A glossary covering divers African History topics from the Aba Women's War to the Zulu.

Where in Africa? Maps
A gallery of maps showing where on the continent countries are.

Robben Island Prison Museum
Gallery of images of Robben Island Prison Museum, World Heritage Site and Apartheid era prison.

Images of the Taalmonument
The official monument to the Afrikaans language, at Paarl, South Africa. View this gallery of images.

Political Maps of Africa
A Gallery of Political Maps of Africa

Outline Maps of Africa
A Gallery of Outline Maps for the Countries of Africa

Gallery of African Flags
Browse through this gallery of African flags

Where in Africa? Maps
A gallery of maps showing where on the African continent countries are.

Africa's Internet Domains from A to Z
If you're after the internet domain of a country in Africa, you'll find it in this alphabetical list of African internet domains.

Maps of Africa from 16th to 20th Centuries
More than 100 historical maps of Africa, scanned and put online by the Northwestern University in America. The maps date from the mid-16th Century to the early 20th, and were collected by the university’s Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies. The collection includes a series of Ptolemic maps of North Africa c.1565 and the first map of Africa published in the USA in 1795.

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