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By February 27, 2013

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Early Christianity in North Africa
Given the slow progress of Romanization of North Africa, it is perhaps surprising how quickly Christianity spread across the top of the continent. From the fall of Carthage in 146 BCE to the rule of Emperor Augustus (from 27 BCE), Africa (or, more strictly speaking, Africa Vetus, 'Old Africa'), as the Roman province was known, was under the command of a minor Roman official. But, like Egypt, Africa Proconsularis and its neighbors Numidia and Mauritania (which were under the rule of client kings), were recognized as potential 'bread baskets'.

Impetus for expansion and exploitation came with the transformation of the Roman Republic to a Roman Empire in 27 BCE. Romans were enticed by the availability of land for building estates and wealth, and during the first century CE, north Africa was heavily colonized by Rome.

Early Christianity in North Africa Part 1
Historical Background, Factors Which Influenced the Spread Of Christianity, and Christianity Reaches North Africa
Early Christianity in North Africa Part 2
Alexandria as an Early Center of Christianity, Early Martyrs, Latin as the Language of Western Christianity, Church Fathers
Early Christianity in North Africa Part 3
Monasticism, North Africa and Christian Heresies, Influential Theologians

African Popes
Saint Victor I
Saint Miltiades
Saint Gelasius I

New in the African History Glossary
Catechetical School of Alexandria
Liber Pontificalis


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