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Readers Respond: What do you admire the most about Nelson Mandela?

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An inspiration to many, Mandela is a man of many achievements -- from the creation of Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation, MK) to winning the Nobel Peace Prize. What do you think is his defining achievement? What was it about his personality that helped him achieve what he did? What can we all learn form the life of Nelson Mandela?

He is a Messenger from God

Mandela is my hero. I say this without doubt. After what he has done, he is always the best...


I'm humbled once again by the selfless nature and humility of the man that is Nelson Mandela. He is a true hero of our people. I can only hope that his story will be treasured for future generations because humanity needs more people like Nelson Mandela. May he live long!
—Guest Lebohang Thaisi

One of the Best

I just think Mandela is a great man, for everything he has done for this country we are really thankful -- THANK YOU MANDELA!
—Guest shabirah damon


When Mandela was down he just kept fighting. He is a true champion and a hero in the country today.
—Guest Llama

Mandela is a Humanist

Mandela was the son of a chieftain. But he renounced his chieftanship to become a lawyer to serve his people. And he fought against the apartheid policy of the South African White Government. At the Start his struggle was peaceful. There were negotiations,peaceful demonstrations, civil defiance campaigns. When all these actions failed he took up to violent method to win his struggle. So we see here he was a humanist.
—Guest Tharsan


Almighty GOD may bless him and give him long lasting life, we love him.
—Guest Puleng

The Ambition in Him

Ever since college Neslon was determined to see a better South Africa.
—Guest Lula

Why I Adore Him

He is truly a man. He defended his people. Your biography is nice. Keep it up we wish to have someone like that in Nigeria.
—Guest Ruth

A True Leader in Africa

Mandela is a man that has passion for change and liberation for his people. An example of true African leader. Others should follow. Mandela is the greatest in Africa.
—Guest Jonathan Nnuikansan

Lessons for Nigerian

How I wish we have a person like this in Nigeria, to help turn our country arround.
—Guest Myt

Our Hero

I love Nelson Mandela. This is a great biography, written with excellence.
—Guest sifiso ngwenya

Mr Mandela

Mandela is the father of all Nations. I admire him for leading us to freedom.
—Guest luckyn chiya

Why I Admire Mandela

I love Nelson Mandela because he fought for our freedom.
—Guest Handle chesa

The Real Man of Thoughts and Character

There is no one like him in this world. He did not fight for himself, he refused to be freed six times for the people of South Africa despite knowing his family needed him. Remember his words "Struggle is my life. The ideal for which I am prepared to die." The man who was not afraid of anyone. I remember his questions to the witnesses about the situation in Natal. Nelson you are our Hero. No one is like you. Long live Tata long live. We will cherish your wellbeing for the rest of our life and the generations to come. Lets tell our children about the history of this great son of the soil Nelson Mandela.
—Guest Khomola Daniel

He is a Man of Courage

Mandela wasn't afraid by the obstacles and frustrations he met in life, rather he turned them into a stepping stone. He is full of valour in face of tribulation. Hail the prestige icon of 21st century.
—Guest santo toni
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