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Readers Respond: What do you admire the most about Nelson Mandela?

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An inspiration to many, Mandela is a man of many achievements -- from the creation of Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation, MK) to winning the Nobel Peace Prize. What do you think is his defining achievement? What was it about his personality that helped him achieve what he did? What can we all learn form the life of Nelson Mandela?

Thank You Tata

As a young South African I would like to thank you for what you have done for the South African youth and for also making it your responsibility to give us a good education and for risking your own life so we can have freedom today.
—Guest justin lawrence

He Will Be Missed

I did some research on him for a project a couple of years ago not knowing who he was, but when I researched more I was amazed by what he had accomplished.
—Guest friend

Nelson Mandela

Wow! What can one not say something great about a man who touched our very souls and lit fires in our hearts. He will be a legend for the the world to read about in the present and the far future. What a great man.
—Guest Liz

Personality of Nelson Mandela

I admire his conviction, his fortitude, his ideal for a just society, his principles, his dignity until the death. It's an example of a real man.

Nelson Mandela’s Quality

Nelson Mandela’s quality as an owing leader is value based and forward looking. His paramount leadership mindset was based on rejection of the “banality of evil” and admonition of envy. Manifested in his adoption of “Citizenship in a Republic."
—Guest Michael Harris Ph.D., Academic

A Great Person

I loved Nelson Mandela because he did a lot of good things in his life. I miss him very much.
—Guest cassie

The Freedom

Freedom is an English language. But to me you are the image of the freedom, you describe it so much than the white.
—Guest Olotu wole clement


What i admire most about Nelson Mandela was the love he had for Africans thereby, fighting for freedom and against discrimination.
—Guest henry


I'm sad to say that I didn't know much about Mandela before he died. I am only 14 and I live in America. But now that I've found him I can't stop thinking about him or researching him. I am truly amazed at the things I've found. He is truly a man sent from God and I know that right now he is sitting with Him in Heaven. Long live Nelson Mandela.
—Guest Stefanie

Voice of the Voiceless

Nelson Mandela was one of the greatest sons of man kind. He was the voice of the voiceless, light in the darkness and the strength for the week. He suffered silently and revolted relentlessly ... to free his people from the bondage of apartheid. Poverty and injustice. The hero was a priest of peace, a black cat of the blacks, and a supporter of the suppressed. He added pages of true social and political revolution in the history of the world.
—Guest Raveendran

Visionary Man

Nelson Mandela was a kind of person who was forgiving. Imagine yourself being in prison for 27years, but most importantly with a vision to end apartheid policy in South Africa, and he did.
—Guest alicekomugisa

He Was A Great Man

Nelson Mandela is a man of great influence, not just any type of influence but very good, inspiring influence.
—Guest eniola yusuf

What I Admire From Mandela

'He was aman of his words and a man of the people.' He fought for what he wanted not for himself but for the people he cherished and loved.
—Guest Prince Dennis

All those breath-taking AHA moments

What true image God. He showed the world the most important commandment that should cut across all human races. LOVE!
—Guest magano

My Father, My President, My Hero

My father, my pillar of my strength, my peacemaker, my mentor, my inspiration, my president, its an honor to witness your life. we are where we are today because of the love you had for South African, your love,kindness and wise words that you always gave us. Its really amazing what you did my hero, I'm really honored to witness your life. You may be gone but your spirit will live forever.True hero never die# Thank you for giving us an everlasting freedom. I'm a proud young lady born under your nation my president, you made our voices to be heard and turn the impossible to be possible.
—Guest futhi ntinga
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