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Readers Respond: What do you admire the most about Nelson Mandela?

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What Do I Admire Most.

His leadership style, his humbleness, his vision and his persistence to hold on irregardless of the challenges he was facing. He has lived his purpose and his soul is in peace. He is truly a blessing to us all.
—Guest Thabie Ndlovu

Freedom Fighter

[Mandela gave us] Freedom for all Africans not only south Africans blacks but also whites, so I do admire his sense of responsibility. Mandela empowered his peopleand history will give to him the place he deserves. May [God] bless his soul and his days in this world. He is a lover of peace. May his legacy be taught around the world, and I mean by that [allow] the children to learn about peace and how to eradicate injustice. Thanks to Nelson Mandela for showing to the world how to fight for freedom and how to love.
—Guest samba

An Amazing Hero

Nelson Mandela was a great man. If he was not born, none of us would have a happy life.
—Guest Likhwa Tsepang Maphosa

One of the Best in the History of Today

We really should admire Nelson Mandela because he stopped the apartheid and he helped the South Africans.... Now let me do my paper on Nelson Mandela before i get in trouble.....
—Guest Hayvon Brown

Together We Can Do More

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was the best president South Africa could ever had. It took a man like him to fight for what he believed was right, it's not everybody who can do that. We are free today because of his passion, love and understanding about his country. He played his part (of being the president of South Africa) in an excellent and appropriate manner. May all the other leaders to follow take note and do more than he did.
—Guest millicent mogoane

He is Great Man

He spent 27 years in prison and he did not lose force. he has help me to believe in real humanity and dignity. He is a great man.
—Guest tobiloba

He is a Hero

I admire Madiba for his determination, dream, and perseverance to change so that all have a good life. Not all of us could persevere in jail for 27 years for people you don't know, or die for South Africa. I know that I'm not so capable.
—Guest precious mmatli

How African Presidents Should Behave

Mandela was a true nationalist, true Statesman , who selflessly spent 27 years in prison fighting for the freedom of all Afrikaners and South Africans in general. After his release, he took power for only five years, then he handed power successfully to Thabo Mbeki. This is different for most African Rulers who forcefully remain in power through stealing elections, for instance, Kenya, and Ivory Coast. Mandela honorably went to retire, and that's why I salute for the road he took to liberate his country. Long Live Mandela.

He Is a Model

In this era where we the Africans are entering the "PROMISE LAND" as a united states I will always for a one world quote Mandela in "we are not anti whites" then I add "but we are against white superiority in Africa." It is known that "when you go to Rome do what the Romans do and when you are in Africa do what the Africans do", the partnership here is win to win not paternalism or assimilation. I will rather prefer indirect rule. So Mandela is a world model, he advocates for a free and unified world.
—Guest Bassong Mendi

A True Role Model

A true role model for all to follow as far as never giving up on faith and hope no matter how bad the circumstances may look in the beginning, but it is the finish line that counts most of all for all of us who are only here for a short time on God's good earth and the purpose he has for each one of his creations.
—Guest Larry Parker Sr.

Did Not Empower his People

He is a hero to many people but it is more about blind loyalty. Ask that question to many Africans in his country they will only be able to tell you he is a great man and no reason is given to support the answer. To me he is just another man whose simplicity went too far for a head of state. He gave away too much during negotiations that brought about democracy in 1994 condemning the blacks to a life of squalor and poverty. How could he allow supremacist groups to continue to exist after 1994 namely the AWB. It should have had been banned like Mugabe did with the notorious Seleous' Scouts in 1980. What in real terms did Mandela's celebrated status bring to the man on the ground. Not anything worth mentioning really. The same things like racism which people were crying about are still the same issues being raised today. That is because he did not empower his people in any meaningful way as I see it. Meanwhile the western PR and media machine was busy creating a celebrity out of him.
—Pearson Mazivanhanga

One of Africa's greatest people

Mandela spent 27 years in prison and yet never lost his humanity. He kept the ANC on the straight and narrow when they came to power (unlike his successors). He has shown the world that there is great dignity in being an African.
—Guest Muhammad Hotep

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