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Readers Respond: What do you admire the most about Nelson Mandela?

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Love and Revenge...

He was a good example to the nation ... he loved every one ... he made us freedom ... instead of revenge he forgive ... wow
—Guest Ressy(respect)

Warrior Of Peace

I admire so much From Madiba, He fought for us all -- Black and White. In him we were all equal, which is Something we have to Apply in our Daily lives, a great Warrior of Peace, HE Planted Love that will nourish For ever and ever.
—Guest Betty Seshoka

What I Admire About Nelson Mandela

We saw in is biography many things that would have made a normal man give up but he never gave up and that's what i like about him his determination
—Guest victoria


I always remember your moral behavior. Why you die like a king. You're a man of justice. You're my political model.
—Guest shelemia Peter Harrison


RIP TATA you have done a lot, you fight for freedom, oll those big thngs you hv dne for us we will olways remamber it. Now we wolk free, nw we go every where becouse of you UNGOWOKUBONGWA.
—Guest Getyengana Siyaneliswa

Mandela: Another Jesus on Earth

Nelson Mandela was a second model of Jesus on earth and so it is also safe to say he was a true Christian. He had endless faith and patience and most of all love. Only LOVE acts in this way. Let us follow his example.
—Guest Phyllis

Humble and Love

He was a humble, loving and good hearted man. I learned the spirit of ubutu from him. I wish God can grant me the wish of having a forgiving heart like his.
—Guest Naomi Molebatsi

The Glory of God

Should anyone wonder or even ponder Madiba "Nelson Mandela", think and then ask yourself, "Is My Living In Vain? Nelson Mandela showed all of us humility, forgiveness, love and grace even in the face of burdening adversity! God created Matiba for all to witness, a humble servant for eternity! Rest on Madiba, You have earned your heavenly reward!
—Guest T Hall

Lesotho Citizen

Nelson Mandela was a very focused person, patient, goal oriented and dedicated.
—Guest Thabang litsiba

What I Admire Most About Mandela

He is selflessness, left power when citizens of South Africa still want him, He has forgiven the people who put him in jail for 27 years. He was radical, he told the west that their enemies cannot be SA enemies.
—Guest melidah

Mandela: Man Of Humility

Mandela was very humble, forgiving and selfless with no chip on his shoulder, little wonder the whole world wept when he died. God bless MADIBA.
—Guest Chief Cerutti Osagie

Our Hero

The is no one like you Nelson Mandela. Our her, our freedom fighter; you will always be a fighter.
—Guest Herschelle shabza

Father Madiba.

Madiba is the hero to all of us in South Africa. If I didn't know Jesus, I would say father Madiba is Jesus. He followed Lord Jesus's ways. I love you tata Madiba. From the bottom of my heart. I'll celebrate your life ... everyday. You are the promise keeper ... the greatest of power ... you are the best. You made South Africa a better place for us.
—Guest Mangata Adelaide Makgotho

What I Admire About Nelson Mandela

He is father of nation, he fought for us to be free, indeed we are free. May his soul rest in peace uyibekile induku ebandla.
—Guest fortunate

Ms Ndlovu

Mandela was a great leader because he forgave easily for the good of all South Africans. He put the people first not his personal agendas. These days countries are struggling because leaders are selfish its no longer about the people, but Dr Mandela against all odds it was about the people of South Africa.

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