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South Africa

South Africa's rich history is overshadowed by its colonial heritage and the Apartheid era. Start exploring its history with this collection of links.
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South Africa's national holidays
When Apartheid ended and the African National Congress under Nelson Mandela came into power in South Africa in 1994, the national holidays were changed to days that would be meaningful to all South Africans, including Youth Day on 16 June and Day of Reconciliation on 16 December.

Apartheid legislation
Starting in 1948, the Nationalist Government in South Africa enacted laws to define and enforce segregation.

Union Of South Africa
The politicking behind the scenes for the formation of the Union of South Africa allowed the foundations of Apartheid to be laid.

The Jameson Raid, December 1985
The Jameson Raid was an ineffective attempt to overthrow President Paul Kruger of the Transvaal Republic in December 1895.

June 16th Student Uprising
When high-school students in Soweto started protesting for better education on 16 June 1976, police responded with teargas and live bullets.

Soweto Uprising: The Afrikaans Medium Decree
The decree that Afrikaans would be used as a language of instruction in schools contributed to the 16 June 1976 student uprising in Soweto.

Robben Island Tour
Gallery of images of Robben Island, World Heritage Site and Apartheid era prison.

Image Gallery of Historic South Africa
Images of Historic South Africa

Genealogy of Afrikaners
The ideology of Apartheid was based on segregation of races, yet if you look at the origins or heritage of the Afrikaner people the ideology is rather ironic. Just how 'pure' was the Afrikaner? Not very if you look closely at historical records.

First-Fruit Ceremonies in Southern Africa
What First-Fruit Ceremonies are and why they are held.

South Africa - Library of Congress Country Studies
The Library of Congress Country Study for South Africa provides an excellent and fairly detailed history of the country. This information was originally compiled for the US Department of Army in case of potential deployment -- examining the historical, social, economic, and political background the country. (The only problem with this site is the awkwardness of navigating so many pages.)

Photos of Robben Island Prison
A small collection of photos of the infamous prison on Robben Island where South Africa’s Apartheid regime held political prisoners, including Nelson Mandela.

Hector Petersen
The iconic image of the 1976 Soweto Uprising -- the photo of Hector Petersen, the first child to die when police opened fire on protesting students.

Text of the Treaty of Vereeniging
Treaty of Vereeniging

Nontsikelelo Albertina Sisulu
Biography of Albertina Sisulu. Prominent leader in the African National Congress and 'Mother of the Nation'. Part 1 1918-1958.

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