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This Day in African History: 16 November

A chronicle of events in African history on this day


1930, 16 November
Birth of Chinua Achebe, Nigerian (Igbo) novelist, whose first novel Things Fall Apart was published in 1958.

1950, 16 November
King Farouk, Egypt, demands the "total and immediate evacuation" of all British troops from the Suez Canal Zone.

1951, 16 November
Egypt agrees to a UN supervised referendum in Sudan to determine its future.

1961, 16 November
After the bodies of 13 Italian UN soldiers are "sold" in a Congo market, UN Secretary-General U Thant orders UN forces to punish those responsible.

1964, 16 November
Joshua Nkomo and 16 supporters are released from jail in Southern Rhodesia.

1965, 16 November
4,000 Black postal workers have refused to give oaths of loyalty to Ian Smith's government in Rhodesia.

1965, 16 November
British Parliament draws up sanctions against Ian Smith's regime in Rhodesia. Sir Humphrey Gibbs, the British Governor of Rhodesia, refuses Smith's demands that he resign.

1975, 16 November
It is reported in British newspapers that South African mercenaries are helping União Nacional para a Independéncia Total de Angola, UNITA (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola), against the Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola, MPLA (Popular Liberation Movement of Angola).

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This Day in African History
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