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This Day in African History: 23 May

A chronicle of events in African history on this day


1900, 23 May - Boer War: Rhenoster River
British troops arrive at the Rhenoster River only to find that the bridge has been destroyed by the Boers.

1908, 23 May
Reports of a severe famine in the Usoga region of Uganda suggest at least 4,000 people have already died.

1921, 23 May
British soldiers are called out in Alexandria to restore order after rioting by nationalists. The riots follow the departure of an Egyptian delegation to London to discuss the Milner report -- about the future of Anglo-Egyptian relations.

1926, 23 May
France captures the Rif capital, Targuist.

1956, 23 May
Ex-president Pierre Mendés-France resigns from the French Cabinet in disgust over the current crackdown in Algeria .

1958, 23 May
General Raoul Salan, the Commander-in-Chief of the French army in Algiers formally recognises the Algerian juntas.

1964, 23 May
A US miscalculation results in 1 kilogram of plutonium being released into the atmosphere above Africa.

1980, 23 May
South African troops in Namibia kill 81 black nationalist guerrillas.

1983, 23 May
In response to a car bomb attack in Pretoria which killed 18 people, the South African air force bombs ANC bases in a Maputo suburb, Mozambique.

1986, 23 May
The US expels the South African military attaché in response to raids by South African forces into Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe on 19 May.

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This Day in African History
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