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This Day in African History: 24 February

A chronicle of events in African history on this day


1943, 24 February - World War II: North Africa
Rommel is appointed as commander-in-chief, Army Group Afrika.

1945, 24 February
Ahmad Mahir Pasha, the Egyptian prime minister, is assassinated at parliament following his announcement that Egypt declares war on the Axis.

1949, 24 February
After 42 days of bitter debate, Egypt and Israel sign an armistice on the island of Rhodes. However, several contentious topics, such as the status of Beersheba in the Negev Desert, were dropped from the final agreement.

1961, 24 February
Dr Louis Leakey has discovered human-like bones in the Olduvai Gorge, Tanganyika (now Tanzania) which are believed to be the ancestors of modern man.

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This Day in African History
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