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This Day in African History: 19 February

A chronicle of events in African history on this day


1937, 19 February
An assassination attempt on the Italian Viceroy General, Rudolfo Graziani, is made by Ethiopian rebels.

1943, 19 February - World War II: North Africa
General Sir Harold Alexander takes command of the newly created 18th Army Group – an attempt to coordinate both the First and Eight Armies in North Africa.
After two days heavy fighting with the II US Corps Rommel and the Panzerarmee Afrika take the Kasserine Pass.

1979, 19 February
Kaiser Daliwonga Matanzima, paramount chief of the Emigrant Tembuland since 1940, is elected president of the 'independent republic' of Transkei, one of the South African Bantustans. He replaces Chief Botha Sigcawu who recently died.

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This Day in African History
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