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Leaders of Chad Since Independence

A list of the Chadian leaders since gaining independence on 11 August 1960

Chad has been plagued over the years by political unrest and civil war. Tombalbaye, Chad's first president was assassinated in a military coup in 1975, which resulted in Félix Malloum N'Gakoutou coming to power. Malloum, in turn, fled the country in 1979 to be replaced by Goukouni Oueddei (who led a successful military coup against Malloum with aid from Libya).

In 1982, Hissène Habré, who had been prime minister during the previous changeover, was placed in power by Idriss Déby Itno (who led the rebel forces in the military takeover). In 1990 Déby, at the head of a new rebel group, the Patriotic Salvation Movement, removed Habré and made himself president. (Habré fled to Senegal where in 2005 he was charged with crimes against humanity.) Déby introduced a new constitution, and multi-party elections were held in 1996 when he was returned to power. He was reelected in 2001 and 2006.

President of the Republic of Chad
11 Aug 1960 - 13 Apr 1975 François N'Garta Tombalbaye PPT, MNRCS

Head of State
13 Apr 1975 - 15 Apr 1975 Noël Milarew Odingar Interim
15 Apr 1975 - 23 Mar 1979 Félix Malloum N'Gakoutou Military

Chairman of the Provisional Council of State
23 Mar 1979 - 29 Apr 1979 Goukouni Oueddei Frolinat-FAP

Head of the Gouvernement d'Union Nationale de Transition (GUNT, National Union Transition Government)
29 Apr 1979 - 3 Sep 1979 Lol Mohamed Shawa MPLT
3 Sep 1979 - 7 Jun 1982 Goukouni Oueddei Frolinat-FAP

President of the Republic of Chad
7 Jun 1982 - 1 Dec 1990 Hissène Habré FAN, UNIR
1 Dec 1990 - 2 Dec 1990 Jean Alingue Bawoyeu Interim
2 Dec 1990 - present Idriss Déby Itno MPS

Key to Political Parties
FAN Forces Armées du Nord
(Northern Armed Forces)
Frolinat-FAP Frolinat-Forces Armées Populaires
(Frolinat-People's Armed Forces)
MPLT Mouvement Populaire pour la Libération du Tchad
(People's Movement for the Liberation of Chad)
MPS Mouvement Patriotique de Salut
(Patriotic Salvation Movement)
PPT Parti Progressiste Tchadienne
(Chadian Progressive Party)
UNIR Union Nationale pour l'Indépendance et la Révolution
(National Union for Independence and Revolution)

Brief History of Chad
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