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Top 4 Ancient Africa Wargame Rule Books


A selection of rule sets for wargaming ancient African battles.

1. Warhammer Ancient Battles

Warhammer Ancient Battles
Developed by Warhammer Historical Wargames, in association with Games Workshop, these rules are similar to the widely used Warhammer rule set. Ancient Battles is aimed at 28 mm miniatures, individually based, and combined to give an agreed number of army points. Expansion books give more detail for armies of different eras, with Chariot Wars in particular, covering 3000–500 BC. Excellent fun!

2. Classical Hack

Classical Hack
The original Classical Hack, published in three parts, is presented in a single volume with additional notes and army lists – although only two are from (North) Africa, it is fairly easy to recreate any national army. The rule set combines stands of multiple figures to create larger units – a typical army will need about 100 miniatures. Research of history and tactics is encouraged.

3. DBA – De Bellis Antiquitis

A fast play (games take an hour) rule set for fighting ancient battles which will give you the thrill of commanding an army without costing a fortune! One great feature of DBA is that all armies are limited to twelve stands, each made up from 2–4 miniatures. The 24 page booklet includes army lists which range (in African terms) from Old Kingdom Egyptian, through African Vandal, to Mamluk.

4. DBM – De Bellis Multitudinis

DBA's big brother, expanded rules allow for greater variation, and armies are built individually to meet a set number of Army points. (Four additional books are available which list troop types and point values for particular armies.) A typical army may require 70–100 miniatures and the game may last up to 5 hours. DBM is very popular and there are even international competitions.

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