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The Owl House, Nieu Bethesda, South Africa

Helen Martins' Outsider Art


The Owl House and surrounding Camel Yard contain over 300 concrete and glass sculptures created by Helen Elizabeth Martins and her assistants. Almost all of the sculptures face towards the east, many depicting a pilgrimage to a suitably positioned nativity scene. Amongst the various sculptures Martins' totem animal, the owl (which she associated with intuition, insight, and wisdom) forms a underlying theme.

Helen Martins was almost 50 before she started decorating the Owl House and creating her marvelous sculptures. She is now considered South Africa's foremost Outsider Artist, although during her life she was faced with derision and suspicion.

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The Owl House: HostessesThe Owl House: Corner of DebaucheryThe Owl House: The Gates of Paradise #1The Owl House: The Gates of Paradise #2
The Owl House: OwlsThe Owl House: Donkeys, Sheep and CamelsThe Owl House: The ShepherdThe Owl House: The Nativity
The Owl House: Wise MenThe Owl House: EgyptThe Owl House: The LionThe Owl House: The Patio
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