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15th Century West Africa Trade Routes - African History - About.com
Trade Across the Sahara ... The sands of the Sahara Desert could've been a major obstacle to trade between Africa ... What Was the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade?
Origins of the trans-Atlantic slave trade - African History - About.com
Lust For Gold When the Portuguese first sailed down the Atlantic coast of Africa in the 1430's, they were interested in one thing. Surprisingly, given modern ...
An Overview of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade - African History
A brief review of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, with particular reference to the triangular trade and recent statistics.
History of the African Slave Trade - African History - About.com
It is estimated that during the 4 1/2 centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Portugal was responsible for transporting over 4.5 million Africans (roughly 40% of ...
Types of Slavery in Africa - African History - About.com
This is the form of slavery which was carried out in the Americas as a result of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. There are reports that chattel slavery still exists in ...
African History -- Slavery and the Slave Trade
What Was the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade? John Fedele/Blend Images/Getty ... Statistics and maps for Slavery in Africa including the Trans-Atlantic Trade. Share .
How Many Slaves Were Taken from Africa?
Where did the first Trans-Atlantic slaves come from? At the beginning of the 1600s, slaves for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade were sourced in Senegambia and  ...
Themes / Events - African History - About.com
Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: Origins of Slaves · Images of African Slavery and the Slave Trade · Slave Laws in South Africa · Slavery in the Cape Colony - ...
São Tomé and the Slave Trade - African History - About.com
Dec 7, 2001 ... Portuguese Slave Trading in the Sixteenth and Nineteenth Century. By Alistair Boddy- .... from Africa? Origins of the trans-Atlantic slave trade ...
About Timbuktu: The El Dorado of Africa - African History - About.com
Situated on the southernmost edge of the Sahara Desert, Timbuktu is about ... the trans-Sahara gold and salt trade as well Islamic scholarship and culture, ... Merchants from North Africa came to trade salt, cloth and horses for gold and slaves.
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