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African History -- Pre-Colonial Africa
Pre-Colonial Africa. During this era Africa was influenced by two major movements: the expansion and consolidation of Islam and the dispersion of the Bantu ...
Pre-Colonial Cultures in South Africa: San and Khoikhoi
Pre-Colonial cultures in South Africa. The San and Khoikhoi. By Alistair Boddy- Evans, About.com. For several millennia the San lived in peaceful isolation in ...
Pre-Colonial Gabon - African History - About.com
The history of Pre-Colonial Gabon - from the arrival of the Bantu Migration to the first treaties with France.
15th Century West Africa Trade Routes - African History - About.com
Between the 11th and 15th centuries West Africa was a major trading region, exporting ... African History Glossary · Human Origins in Africa · Pre-Colonial Africa ...
Homosexuality as Part of Pre-Colonial Africa - African History
Nov 7, 2006 ... A GLBTQ encyclopedia article by sociologist Stephen O. Murray on pre- independence sub-Saharan Africa says: "There is now a belief that ...
About Timbuktu: The El Dorado of Africa - African History - About.com
... as a myth. In reality it's a city in Mali, West Africa, of such great historical importance that in 1988 it was designated a World Heritage Site. ... Pre-Colonial Africa ...
Nok Culture: Sub-Saharan Africa's First Civilization? - African History
Considered the oldest recognisable pre-colonial society in sub-Saharan Africa, the Nok Culture is exemplified by its magnificent terracotta sculptures and the ...
African History -- Colonial Africa
Africa is transformed under internal and external pressures. Famine and disease, as well as territorial conflicts such as the Mfecane, cause distinct changes in ...
Overview of Mali History and Independence - African History - About ...
As the colony of French Soudan, Mali was administered with other French colonial ... Union-African Democratic Rally) had dominated pre-independence politics ...
Religion in Ghana - Precolonial Period
precolonial period kingdom of ghana ancient ghana central ghana early bronze ... relations with merchants and rulers of North Africa and the Mediterranean.
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