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African History -- Pre-Colonial Africa
Pre-Colonial Africa. During this era Africa was influenced by two major movements: the expansion and consolidation of Islam and the dispersion of the Bantu ...
Homosexuality as Part of Pre-Colonial Africa
Nov 7, 2006 ... "Some people believe homosexuality is an idea brought [to Africa] by the white man. But it has always been here. What the white man brought ...
Pre-Colonial Cultures in South Africa: San and Khoikhoi
Two thousand years ago the first of several waves colonists swept into South Africa. In the first of these waves, the pastoralist Khoikhoi moved down into the ...
15th Century West Africa Trade Routes - African History - About.com
Between the 11th and 15th centuries West Africa was a major trading region, exporting ... About.com · About Education · African History · Pre-Colonial Africa ...
About Timbuktu: The El Dorado of Africa
In reality it's a city in Mali, West Africa, of such great historical importance that in 1988 it was ... About.com · About Education · African History · Pre-Colonial Africa  ...
Nok Culture: Sub-Saharan Africa's First Civilization? - African History
Considered the oldest recognisable pre-colonial society in sub-Saharan Africa, the Nok Culture is exemplified by its magnificent terracotta sculptures and the ...
Pre-Colonial Gabon -- A Brief History of Gabon -- The Pre-Colonial Era
The history of Pre-Colonial Gabon - from the arrival of the Bantu Migration to the first ... BCE) originating from the region of west Africa now known as Cameroon.
Overview of Mali History and Independence
As the colony of French Soudan, Mali was administered with other French colonial territories as the Federation of French West Africa. In 1956, with the passing of ...
Types of Slavery in Africa
Types of Slavery in Africa - What Kinds of Slavery Existed in Africa? ... Apartheid · Slavery and the Slave Trade · Pre-Colonial Africa · Colonial Africa ...
A Brief Intro and History of Benin, Africa
Pre-Colonial Benin: Benin was the seat of one of the great medieval African kingdoms called Dahomey. Europeans began arriving in the area in the 18th century ...
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