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African History -- Pre-Colonial Africa
Pre-Colonial Africa. During this era Africa was influenced by two major movements: the expansion and consolidation of Islam and the dispersion of the Bantu ...
Pre-Colonial Cultures in South Africa: San and Khoikhoi
Pre-Colonial cultures in South Africa. The San and Khoikhoi. By Alistair Boddy- Evans, About.com. For several millennia the San lived in peaceful isolation in ...
Pre-Colonial Gabon - African History - About.com
The history of Pre-Colonial Gabon - from the arrival of the Bantu Migration to the first treaties with France.
15th Century West Africa Trade Routes - African History - About.com
Between the 11th and 15th centuries West Africa was a major trading region, exporting ... African History Glossary · Human Origins in Africa · Pre-Colonial Africa ...
Homosexuality as Part of Pre-Colonial Africa - African History
Nov 7, 2006 ... A GLBTQ encyclopedia article by sociologist Stephen O. Murray on pre- independence sub-Saharan Africa says: "There is now a belief that ...
About Timbuktu: The El Dorado of Africa - African History - About.com
In reality it's a city in Mali, West Africa, of such great historical importance that in 1988 it ... African History Glossary · Human Origins in Africa · Pre-Colonial Africa  ...
Nok Culture: Sub-Saharan Africa's First Civilization? - African History
Considered the oldest recognisable pre-colonial society in sub-Saharan Africa, the Nok Culture is exemplified by its magnificent terracotta sculptures and the ...
A Brief Intro and History of Benin, Africa - African History - About.com
Pre-Colonial Benin: Benin was the seat of one of the great medieval African kingdoms called Dahomey. Europeans began arriving in the area in the 18th century ...
A Brief History of Kenya - African History - About.com
Pre-Colonial Settlement in Kenya: Cushitic-speaking people from northern Africa moved into the area that is now Kenya beginning around 2000 BC.
Religion in Ghana - Precolonial Period
precolonial period kingdom of ghana ancient ghana central ghana early bronze ... relations with merchants and rulers of North Africa and the Mediterranean.
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