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Country History - South Africa
South Africa's rich history is overshadowed by its colonial heritage and the Apartheid era. Start exploring its history with this collection of links.
Slave Laws in South Africa - African History - About.com
It is a popular misconception that slavery in South Africa was mild compared to America and the European colonies in the Far East. This is not so, and ...
Union Of South Africa, 31 May 1910 - African History - About.com
The politicking behind the scenes for the formation of the Union of South Africa allowed the foundations of Apartheid to be laid. On 31 May 1910 the Union of ...
South Africa (Geography and History) - About.com
Geography of South Africa: Read this article to learn about South Africa - the southernmost nation on the African continent. Learn about South Africa's history,  ...
Afrikaners in South Africa - Overview and History - Geography
The Afrikaners are a South African ethnic group who are descended from 17th century Dutch, German, and French settlers to South Africa. Learn about ...
Southern African Independence - African History - About.com
A chronology of colonization and independence.: south west africa dutch east indies walvis bay gold ivory africa independence.
History of South Africa Books - African History - About.com
With a subtitle of A History of the Khoikhoi of Southern Africa this lightweight (and politically correct) text book, aimed at secondary school learners, describes the ...
Pre-Colonial Cultures in South Africa: San and ... - African History
Two thousand years ago the first of several waves colonists swept into South Africa. In the first of these waves, the pastoralist Khoikhoi moved down into the ...
Apartheid Legislation in South Africa -- The Most ... - African History
South Africa used legislation to implement the segregation of its black population. Here is a descriptive list of the key Apartheid laws enacted by the National ...
A Brief History of South African Apartheid
Learn more about apartheid in South Africa with this brief history of the racially stratified social system.
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