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This week in African history
Key events from the 20th century.
 Week starting Monday 10 November 
Date Year Event                  
10 1942 World War II: North Africa
Vichy military chief in Algeria, Admiral Darlan, orders an end to the resistance against the Allies.
10 1959 State of emergency in Kenya ends.
10 1964 One party state is declared in Kenya.
11 1965 Rhodesian Prime Minister, Ian Smith, issues a Unilateral Declaration of Independence.
12 1907 General Adolf von Trotha replaces Theodor Leutwein as governor of German South West Africa..
12 1911 Combined Turkish and Arab forces in Libya are badly mauled by the Italian Army.
12 1965 Rhodesian unilateral declaration of independence, UDI, is condemned by the UN.
12 1973 Checkpoints outside Suez City, Egypt, are now under the control of the UN Emergency Force.
13 1942 World War II: North Africa
Tubruq (Tobruk), Lybia, is recaptured by the Allies .
13 1950 Seretse Khama is asked to renounce his chieftaincy of the Bama-Ngwato tribe, Bechuanaland (Botswana), by the British colonial government, and is offered a pension in return. (Bechuanaland was thrown into turmoil when he married an English woman without the permission of the tribal elders.) He is banned from returning to Bechuanaland by the British when he refuses. (The ban lasts until 1956 when he and his uncle Tshekedi Khama renounced all royal claims).
13 1954 Colonel Nasser assumes power in Egypt - he replaces the ousted President Neguib.
14 1914 Field Marshall Earl Roberts of Khartoum dies at the age of 82. (Born 9/30/1832.)
14 1961 Katangan President Moise Tshombe and Congo President Joseph Kasavubu are accused in a UN report of conspiracy to murder ex-premier Patrice Lumumba (who died while "escaping" on Feb. 13, 1961)
15 1902 An assassination attempt on Belgium King Leopold II by Gennaro Rubin is foiled.
15 1942 World War II: North Africa
Allied victory declared at El Alamein.
16 1930 Birth of Chinua Achebe, Nigerian (Igbo) novelist, whose first novel Things Fall Apart was published in 1958.
16 1961 After the bodies of 13 Italian UN soldiers are "sold" in a Congo market, UN Secretary-General U Thant orders UN forces to punish those responsible.
16 1975 It is reported in British newspapers that South African mercenaries are helping União Nacional para a Independéncia Total de Angola, UNITA (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola), against the Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola, MPLA (Popular Liberation Movement of Angola).

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