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African History Glossary - Zulu Terms - Military - inDuna

 Related Terms:
 Zulu Military
• iBandhla imhlope/ amaBandhla amhlope
• iButho/amaButho
• inDuna/izinDuna
• isiFuba/iziFuba
• isiGaba/iziGaba
• isiGodlo/iziGodlo
• iKhanda/amaKhanda
• isiKhulu/iziKhulu
• iMpi/iziMpi
• iNsizwa/iziNsizwa
• uPondo/izimPondo
• umuVa/imiVa
• iViyo/amaViyo
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inDuna (plural: izinDuna) - Zulu name for a state official appointed by the king, or by a local chief. Also commander of group of warriors. Various levels of responsibility occurred, rank would be indicated by the amount of personal decoration – see inGxotha, isiQu.

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