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'How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs' by Mark Collier and Bill Manley

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How To Read Hieroglyphs

How To Read Hieroglyphs

British Museum Press

The Bottom Line

Mark Collier and Bill Manley have created the ideal 'teach-yourself' book for Egyptian hieroglyphics. Build up your knowledge and confidence in this ancient language with this step-by-step guide.
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  • Created by experienced educators.
  • Uses well tested, practical exercises.
  • Based on actual Egyptian texts.


  • Limited choices on how to take such study further.


  • Hardback: 179 pages.
  • Publisher: The British Museum Press, © 1998.
  • ISBN: 0714119105.

Guide Review - 'How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs' by Mark Collier and Bill Manley

This excellent book has all the fundamentals of reading Egyptian hieroglyphs covered. Based on six years of practical teaching, Collier and Manley have put together eight in-depth chapters with detailed explanations, practical exercises, a grammar, vocabulary, and a great deal of miscellaneous information about ancient Egyptian life and culture. The 'teach-yourself' style is accessible and well structured, and although aimed at the complete beginner will provide a great resource to anyone interested in this ancient language. Practical work in the book is based on genuine Egyptian stelae (funerary inscriptions) found in the British Museum. 'How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs' is a masterwork.
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