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This Day in African History Winnie Mandela Sentenced to Six Years in Prison

By May 14, 2013

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On 14 May 1991 Winnie Nomzamo Mandela was sentenced to six years for her 'complicity' in the kidnapping and beating of four youths, one of whom, 14-year-old Stompie Moeketsi Seipei, was later found dead. The actual crime was committed by her 'thuggish' bodyguards, the 'Mandela United Football Club'. Winnie Mandela was released on bail pending an appeal. She would, eventually, only receive a fine for her role in the crime.

The heavy sentence was unexpected since Winnie Mandela was only found guilty of conspiracy to kidnap and accessory after the fact to assault.

On passing sentence Mr Justice Michael Stahl Stegmann said she was an "unblushing and unprincipled liar" and that although she had not been a participant in the kidnapping and beatings, she had shown a "complete absence of compassion for the victims"

When she emerged from court, Winnie Mandela told reporters that she had "been found guilty by the media and went on to thank those people who "not been influenced by the misleading reports we had to face during the past two years."

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July 22, 2010 at 3:12 pm
(1) betterlate says:

Here it is 2010 and I just found this site. Well, better late than never. I also read about her condemning Eugene de Kock. “Johannesburg – ANC MP and struggle stalwart
She should have been imprisoned.

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela has criticised the possibility of former Vlakplaas head Eugene de Kock receiving a pardon, The Star newspaper reported on Monday.”

“I cannot imagine anyone talking release of people like that,” Madikizela-Mandela told the newspaper.

And she went on to condemn HIM for things she herself did to her own people–children–no less than nine whom she was allegedly sheltering. She
OK, I agree that Eugene de Kock, former top guy at Vlakplaas and terrorist, should serve more time. But I have also read Winnie’[s testimony at the TRC and not once did she admit to anything she herself did. She killed children of all ages of Xhosa kids including personally torturing little Stompie Seipei and having him killed with garden shears by other kids, and having his body left out in the veld to rot, only to be found months later. And when Lolo’s father begged her to let his son go, and he saw Lolo, beaten and bruised beyond recognition in the back of her kombi she said, “let the movement deal with this dog” (a child! a Black child, one of her “boys” She had other boys do her dirty work. She then drove away from Lolo’s father, forever. Poor Lolo is now presumed dead almost 2 decades later. Lolo and other helpless children were “suspected informants”. Winnie’s evil rubbed off on daughter Zinzi who carved an “M” into the chest of one child and poured hot wax on it. At the TRC she even intimidated people while they were testifying, using signs with her hands and giving certain looks. emphatically denying (“riduculous,” “ludicrous” “trying to drag my name through the mud”, one of the fathers is “even more senile, ” “having hallucinations,” “how can you accuse me of such a heinous crime?” She denied absolutely everything despit e the evidence and the testimonies of parents who lost their children. She was dressed to the T and felt she was above the law. She’s as much a killer as any of the apartheid soldiers, and she was killing her own not white soldiers. . She should not point the finger at anyone else. Now she’s said scathing things about her ex husband Nelson Mandela, Jacob Zuma, and her estwhile “father”, Archbishop Tutu, saying the TRC was a sham. She did some courageous things during the early years of Nelson’s imprisonment, and went through a living hell, and as Mother of the Nation she was rightly revered. But after 1987-89 and her covert activities and killing of children, she showed she could be as evil as her enemies. She made anyone close to her suspects and then denied the deeds. I believe she should be imprisoned. In the U.S. we imprison murderers. Why let her go? She made no restitution, only a token apology for ” things happening.” That’s not admission or remorse.

I also read “A Human Being Died That Night” by Pumla Gobodo-Madikazela, about her interviews with De Kock, and even at the TRC, I recall he was remorseful and admitted to his deeds. Pumla believes De Kock should be pardoned. I think he should not, not yet anyway. But I also believe Winnie Madikazela-Mandela should be convicted and jailed for at least fifteen years. Murder is murder. Not only did she deny anything, she showed no remorse.

I believe one should read Pumla’s book and also read the transcripts of both De Kock and Winnie. Winnie is implacable, has no conscience. De Kock has at least that. She shouldn’t be pointing the finger at his deeds. She killed children, black children, I can’t stress that enough. And worse, feels no remorse. Thank you.

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