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Free Access to 22 Papers from the Journal Africa until the 15th January 2013

By November 30, 2012

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In celebration of putting the entire content of Africa, the journal of the International African Institute, which has been active since 1928, Cambridge University Press are making 22 selected articles available for free until 15th January 2013.

The articles selected are:

  • Family Values, Land Sales and Agricultural Commodification in South-Eastern Ghana by Kojo Sebastian Amanor, Volume 80, Special Issue 01, February 2010
  • Wars of the Past and War in the Present: The Lord's Resistance Movement/Army in Uganda by Sverker Finnström, Volume 76, Issue 02, May 2006
  • Visible and Invisible Differences: The Somali Paradox by Ioan Lewis, Volume 74, Issue 04, November 2004
  • Through the prism of a local tragedy: political liberalisation, regionalism and elite struggles for power in Cameroon by Dickson Eyoh, Volume 68, Issue 03, July 1998
  • 'Why we fight': voices of youth combatants in Sierra Leone by Krijn Peters and Paul Richards, Volume 68, Issue 02, April 1998
  • Indian films and Nigerian lovers: media and the creation of parallel modernities by Brian Larkin, Volume 67, Issue 03, July 1997
  • Rethinking female circumcision by Melissa Parker, Volume 65, Issue 04, October 1995
  • 'Delivered from the powers of darkness': confessions of satanic riches in Christian Ghana by Birgit Meyer, Volume 65, Issue 02, April 1995
  • Power, legitimacy and 'democratisation' in Africa by Michael G. Schatzberg, Volume 63, Issue 04, October 1993
  • Chiefs and colonial rule in Cameroon: inventing chieftaincy, French and British Style by Peter Geschiere, Volume 63, Issue 02, April 1993
  • Provisional notes on the postcolony by Achille Mbembe, Volume 62, Issue 01, January 1992
  • Understanding Alice: Uganda's Holy Spirit Movement in context by Tim Allen, Volume 61, Issue 03, July 1991
  • Social institutions and access to resources by Sara Berry, Volume 59, Issue 01, January 1989
  • The world in creolisation by Ulf Hannerz, Volume 57, Issue 04, October 1987
  • Popular Culture in Africa: Findings and Conjectures by Johannes Fabian, Volume 48, Issue 04, October 1978
  • Masking in Mende Sande Society Initiation Rituals by Ruth B. Phillips, Volume 48, Issue 03, July 1978
  • African Conversion by Robin Horton, Volume 41, Issue 02, April 1971
  • Indirect Rule--French and British Style by Michael Crowder, Volume 34, Issue 03, July 1964
  • Animals in Lele Religious Symbolism by Mary Douglas, Volume 27, Issue 01, January 1957
  • On joking relationships by A. R. Radcliffe-Brown, Volume 13, Issue 03, July 1940
  • Witchcraft by E. E. Evans-Pritchard, Volume 8, Issue 04, October 1935
  • Practical Anthropology by Bronislaw Malinowski, Volume 2, Issue 01, January 1929

To access the full selection of 22 papers free of charge until the 15th January 2013 visit http://journals.cambridge.org/AFRClassicPapers.


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